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Facebook turns ‘blue’

June 1, 2010

Ay Caramba! More than 30,000 people closed their facebook account on the so called ‘Quit Facebook Day’

According to this article; facebook is visited monthly by 35% of the internet population. That’s a spooky percent. Not that I have any ‘explicit’ content on my profile to be worried about but you never know, one day I might answer that wild side call.

With all these privacy issues cropping up, an old memory resurfaced. I had once been a victim of a hacked account. A freak hacked into my yahoo account and chatted with my pal under my name. And I had no idea about this until Deb called me up to check if I had gone psycho. Sure, he was a perv but that didn’t stop us from laughing at the printed conversation. I still do have the copy somewhere. Even though the conversation was hilarious to read, it was scary. I mean, there were people that trailed to my parents on that messenger list. I cannot imagine my folks trying to have a ‘talk’ with me.

So the question is, am I going to quit facebook? Nope. But I might just delete family off the friend list =)

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