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It’s a cat night

September 23, 2015

I could hear their ‘meow.’ It is 12:45 am in Bangalore. I want to open the door and see who’s at the door. But I know I shouldn’t. I think it is the black kitten. Her cry is usually the scared and innocent one out of the lot. Unlike her mother who likes to sing a heart breaking meow when she wants something to eat. Or the white kitten who only seems to snarl, usually when her sister bites her tail.

There was one more in the beginning. A snow white kitten. But I haven’t seen her since the first week the pack of cats arrived at our house.

I wanted to call the black kitten ‘Harry Potter.’ Because her fur camouflaged with our black curtains and the only way you could make out she was hiding there was when her green eyes turned to us. Like gemstones. I would like to pick her up but so far, she moves like a terrified lightning bolt when we are near. I guess looking up to a 6’3 human would probably be kinda scary from down there.


Sleepy time

The white kitten always seems to be on a sugar rush. She likes to jump around, investigate things and likes to chew strings a lot. She likes to paw-five Mr. Dimples (the 6’3 human I mentioned) and she has made the top of our sofa her napping place.

I think I like the mother cat the most. She took weeks (or was it a month?) to warm up to us. Now, she allows me to pet her just for a few minutes. Sometimes she even sits in front of our house like a guard. It’s weird that we have never seen her play. She’s just never amused. All she’s interested to do is to drink milk and watch over her babies.

Three different personalities. These visiting cats.


I sat in front of the computer to read ‘A Wrinkle in Time’ but I guess that’s not going to happen tonight.

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